Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally got my socks back, and have happily been working on them while riding the bus every morning and evening. They are coming along nicely, and are almost to the point where I can begin the toe on Sock #1. On the feet, they feel great! I always thought a knitted sock would bag and be too loose, but these hug my high instep very nicely, and they feel soft and warm.
I have two issues, though. One is with the yarn itself, and the other is my own fault.
First, the yarn is VERY splitty, even with my very sharp little rosewood size 1s. I'm continually having to go back and restitch, or rescue half of the yarn that has fallen due to slipping off the needle. To be honest, it's only a minor quibble, and I think the benefits of the yarn outweigh the splits.
Second, I seem to have knitted the leg part a bit too tight. Sock #1 barely squeezes over my heel, so it's a struggle to get on and take off. Once it is on, it feels great, but I'm worried about damaging the yarn too much. I think I'll try the same size with a looser hand on Sock # 2 and see if it pays off, then decide if it's worth frogging Sock #1 and re-knitting.
Anyways, here is the picture of Sock #1, "Hobo Style".

I don't know if I'll ever be a Sock Knitter, as I like sweaters too much, but it is handy to have a sock to work on while commuting. I'm thinking about some lighter ones for the spring, and maybe try out the delicate and intricate cables on Eunny Jang's Bayerische Sock. (I'll probably do a post on how obsessed I am with Eunny Jang patterns in the future. I wonder if she thinks it's creepy that so many of us worship her?)

My Print O' The Wave headband went nowhere fast. I loved working with the yarn, but it's just so not me. I'll never wear it, so I'm giving the yarn to my mother, who likes the colors better than I do. It was fun to try out the pattern, so I'm glad I tried it. Oh well. I think part of being a Good Knitter is to recognize when something just isn't working... that's something I struggle with daily.

I'm also considering designing some simple sweater patterns of my own. It's a very exciting thought, and something I've been meaning to do for ages. First, I want a light cotton cardigan in chartreuse green and cream for warmer weather, and second, a warm wool turtleneck, because my favorite sweater (a black turtleneck from H&M that fits me perfectly) is getting terribly mangey. I need to toss it, but first I want to measure it up and see if I can knit a clone in some chocolate brown Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

A finished project is coming soon, once it gets warm enough to model outside in the sunshine!

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